ClientYoel Fried, CPAIndustryAccountingLocationMonroe, NY

Yoel Fried is an accountant who handles everything, who offers attention to detail while caring for his clients’ finances personally. That’s why it’s his name on the door. And on the brand. He offers a personal guarantee, and his logo is his seal of approval.

We love when we find inspiration in interesting places. The visual design of Yoel Fried’s brand has retro touches, but it feels distinctly modern. The shapes and strokes are so much fun, and they communicate the timelessness of a valuable accountant — he’s always there.

The design work we did helps Yoel Fried stand out, but it’s the personal touch and the comprehensive planning that he offers that really speak for him. Branding is very often about getting people’s attention. It’s the good work that follows that creates a relationship. We were very happy to give Yoel Fried the eye-grabbing style he needed, so he could keep doing what he does so well.