ClientDecorielIndustryEvents DesignLocationMonroe, NY

There’s nothing like a Decoriel party — even another Decoriel party. These events designers approach every project with an eye on finding what can be different. So, we designed a brand that expresses exactly that feeling of uniqueness. Even the logo changes from place to place, depending on where you’re seeing it. You haven’t seen it all.

You know that thing they say about how actions speak louder than words? It’s true. That’s why we felt confident designing a brand for Decoriel — they do what they say they do. No matter how nice the logo, how cool the colors, or how snappy the tagline, the customers will see straight through it if the service doesn’t match. It’s why Decoriel works.

Whenever we work with a strong brand, we tend to find similarities between us. Decoriel cares about the wow, about the effect that walking into a party can have, that there’s something special going on, “and it’s just for me.” We try to create the same feelings at Celebrand. We love to see the smile a client has when they know we went one step beyond what was expected, and it’s just for them.