ClientUrboIndustryProperty CareLocationNorth Jersey, NJ

Urbo is a property care business designed for property owners. They offer comprehensive service and make it as easy as possible for clients to be involved or to let things be taken care of for them. All Urbo wants is to give property owners the power over their property to grow and improve, to build their futures with ease. Urbo gives property owners the chance to own ownership.

When designing and branding Urbo, we thought about the values of the average client. We wanted Urbo to feel established, but not stodgy. Personal, but not unprofessional. Capable, but open. That’s how we created their language of comfortable professionalism, their look that updates the familiar visual language of trust, and how we built a brand that was the best for our client’s clients.

Why does someone turn to property management? They don’t have enough knowledge or time to keep their property running smoothly and meeting all requirements. There are so many things that could go wrong, and Urbo knows that the real goal of ownership is investment and planning for the future. So, they take care of everything.