Client YSR Label SystemsIndustryLabeling ServicesLocationMonroe, NY

If you need a label, YSR Label Systems can handle it, whatever your needs. The packaging and labeling business is improving every day, and any business that wants to compete has to feel modern and fresh. Buyers need to know you aren’t stuck in the past. So, that’s what we had in mind while designing YSR’s update.

During the 2021 BOSS Summit, we offered to give away a free logo to one lucky brand. YSR won the jackpot, and we really think they came out nicely. A brand is more than just a logo, and even when we make a logo, we never leave our clients with “just a logo.” YSR walked away with a new logo, along with a color scheme, tagline, and design concepts to help them get ahead.

Branding creates depth and new meaning. A fresh perspective can help you appreciate what you’re looking at. Like the way “Stick With Us” can mean more than one thing. Like how YSR looks pretty familiar upside-down. Like the unique identity a new label can give your product. There’s more than one way of looking at things.