ClientQRock BuildersIndustryConstructionLocationMonroe, NY

Brands create confidence for buyers and builders. Sometimes, all you need to stand out is the willingness to be different. We developed the brand QRock Builders to stand out from the other guys and to stand up for quality. We’ve heard from QRock and from their clients — they’re confident in the quality that QRock delivers.

When you’re working with a construction company, you want somebody who can see the whole picture and deliver it without the bad kind of surprises. With QRock, you know you’re going to get a plan and an estimate and that’s it — they can see the full picture right at the beginning. So, we designed a logo so you could see the full picture, too.

With color, design, and style, QRock is able to stand out from the crowd of construction companies. When you see the green van driving by, you notice. And this familiarity helps them spread their brand of quality. We’re proud of the work we did, spreading their message of quality and creating strong brand recognition.