ClientJNL InsuranceIndustryInsuranceLocationMonroe, NY

What do you really want from your insurance? You want it to cover you (really cover you) and you want to forget you even have it. So, we built a brand that’s Proudly Forgettable. JNL Insurance pride themselves on being there when you need them and being easy to forget when you don’t.

Safety may not sound like a very exciting thing to talk about, but with JNL, we’ve had the opportunity to have some fun. In their emails, on their van, and on their coffee cups, JNL likes to put a smile on people’s faces. And if they’re promoting safety with a smile, that’s just the right touch. There’s always a new way to look at things — even the stuff that seems boring.

One thing we love about JNL is that their messaging goals are so in-line with Celebrand’s: simplify. Everything has a purpose, everything needs to make sense exactly where it is. Don’t complicate things just for complication’s sake. In branding, you want to have clarity of information and you want all creative work to be in service of the brand. And we get to do that for JNL.