ClientPantherIndustryCommercial Equipment RepairLocationSpring Valley, NY

When the worst happens, you just want to solve your problem and get back to what you’re doing, and fast. For a company repairing refrigerators, freezers, laundry machines, food equipment, and more, we designed a brand of bold simplicity, so their customers could find them fast and have One Less Stress. Meet Panther, the commercial equipment repair company.

Like a panther, this brand is designed for sleekness, speed, and memorability. Unlike a panther, this brand is structured to handle commercial equipment repair. At every touchpoint, Panther is available with clear answers, easy scheduling, and the drive to get things done. And they’re good at what they do.

Panther’s story is One Less Stress. It’s about understanding what the clients want out of their repairs, what they want to avoid, and how many horror stories they’ve heard or experienced with equipment repair. Panther doesn’t fight with everybody else over being fast, reliable, and skilled — those should already be assumed. Panther stands out with a simple promise and a promise of simplicity.