ClientGlisseIndustryGlass & MirrorLocationHighland Mills, NY

Glisse is all about one word: brilliance. Brilliance in design, brilliance in vision. These custom glass & mirror designers are good at what they do. They make gorgeous pieces that elevate living. And they know that buying luxury products needs to feel special, too. So, we designed a sleek, modern brand, with the feeling and language of brilliance.

While building Glisse’s brand, we focused on the possibility that glass and mirror can offer. They can reshape a room, make a statement, or completely shift the way you feel about your home. And we wanted everybody who came in contact with the brand to be amazed at the possibility.

Luxury brands can often feel harsh or cold. We avoided being off-putting and went for a more welcoming color palette. Glisse is a brand of enticement, of wishing life could be this good. Even if you know this brand is outside of your spending range, you can hope to attain it. You see a welcoming brand and believe in its possibility.