ClientMJF LeadershipIndustryConsultingLocationMonroe, NY

Mordechai J. Friedman is a consultant who teaches leadership. His secret? Teaching you how to lead your own ship. He gives you the tools you need to strengthen your business and to continue doing it after you’ve set out on your own. So we designed for him a brand with memorable nautical imagery and the black and orange colors of a captain’s cuff.

With a strong brand image and a concept elegantly designed, MJF Leadership was able to clearly spread the idea of what they do without much effort. Branding creates clarity, for both the brand and for their customers. We were able to help MJF envision their future and gain the confidence in their own vision that has helped them grow.

Branding is a great way to make your vision feel like something real. With the right design and language, your brand suddenly becomes something anyone can feel, experience, understand. MJF Leadership’s coaching suddenly becomes a course in becoming your own captain. And so, their reputation grows, first as people understand what MJF does, then as people realize how they do it so well.