ClientCCPIndustryCustomer CareLocationMonroe, NY

The first step was creating a brand strong enough to develop a new industry. The second step was making that brand memorable enough to lead the industry as others joined. Customer Care Providers offer something more than customer service — it’s customer care. So, we introduced CCP’s audience to this new concept through their messaging. That’s step one.

If you’re going to revolutionize the phone business, you might as well have fun doing it. CCP makes it easy for their customers to have dedicated customer service representatives who know what they’re talking about, even if their company wouldn’t have the resources to build such a staff. We chose a pleasant light blue and a fun typeface to tell this story.

With a strong brand, CCP were able to better define what they offered and why they did it so well. It made explaining themselves easier, and it gave them the confidence to grow and inspire. With good branding, you can find understanding — for your purpose, for your clients, and for yourself. It’s nice to be understood.