ClientFinancial FreedomIndustryFinancial PlanningLocationMonroe, NY

“When people see you,” we told our clients, “they cross the street to run away. We’re going to make them run back across the street, begging you to take them on.” We created a brand identity that would help them build the kind of trust and recognition a good financial planner needs. That’s Financial Freedom.

The logo had to create the feelings of growth, security, and ambition. It’s an upward arrow, a building cornerstone, a set of initials. Everything we designed for Financial Freedom helped them tell their story and give their clients the confidence they’d want out of a financial advisor. Often, it starts with a logo, that tells the audience, “Yeah, these guys know what they’re doing.”

Even in a full branding project, there can be that one special ingredient that really helps. We loved hearing from Financial Freedom how much business they got just from one brochure. It was part of what helped them reach their target audience, get noticed, and grow. It was that one touch that made the difference.