ClientCreate A SpaceIndustryCustom ClosetsLocationMonroe, NY

It’s the final touch. The last step in making your house a home. Custom closet design by Create A Space. We helped create a brand that stands for completion, for having a closet that looks as beautiful as the rest of the house and gives you a smile every morning.

Create a space and maximize it — that’s what we did with the logo. When the Create A Space team designs and builds a custom closet, they make sure that everything has a purpose, everything has its place. This kind of precision, which blends utility and beauty, was the perfect inspiration for our graphic design work for this brand.

With a clear brand, a memorable style, and a van driving around the neighborhood building name recognition, Create A Space started small and kept on growing. They’re able to take on bigger projects and are continuing to strengthen their brand’s value. They aren’t even close to finished. We can’t wait to see what comes next.