ClientPulseIndustryEvent ProductionLocationMonroe, NY

When DoubleU Sound reached out to us for help in coming up with a new name for their brand, we were excited to play a part in this essential and transformative step in their company. We sat them down and helped them clarify exactly who they are and what they do. Turns out, they are definitely a lot more than a “W” ;) PULSE ensures your event to be a memorable one. Hear the sound. See the lights. Record those precious moments forever.

When you look at PULSE, you'll see: An artistic P shaped letter preceding the word PULSE. The letter P is divided into 3 separate lines representing the 3 main categories PULSE provides for you. In addition to the main logo, we've created 3 special bright and distinct icons highlighting our 3 specialty services: audio, light and video. Our goal is for you to see, notice and recognize them so that they can be there when you need them.

Why did we choose the name “PULSE?” As a company who elevates your event with sound, lighting and video, PULSE serves as the strong and steady backbone of your entire experience. Some might say, they are absolutely the “PULSE” of your fine event.