ClientDuvid BergerIndustryMusicLocationMonroe, NY

Duvid Berger isn’t just a singer; he’s a guide on a journey of ruchniyus. He creates spaces of emotional connection through music, building a deep, personal experience for every person around him. We are thrilled to show you the branding we created for him.

We started sketching the logo based on R' Duvid's signature. We sketched many options until we arrived at this version, which we immediately felt was the right one. It has an organic, hand-written feel that makes it more personal. As we searched for the right imagery, we incorporated a guitar that fits perfectly within the logo. To sum up this masterpiece in a few words, it's heimish, unique, musical, and personal.

We had the honor of creating the cover for R’ Duvid’s Purim album. Our team brainstormed the most effective way to visually capture R’ Duvid’s journey, ultimately deciding on using photography. Our goal was to showcase a lively Purim meal where the crowd was fully engaged and enjoying R’ Duvid’s music. To achieve this, we organized a photoshoot with 10 participants, complete with all the necessary props such as food, wine, mishloach manot, and costumes. As soon as R’ Duvid arrived, the energy in the room became electric, and the participants were in high spirits.