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This is Celebrand. A branding agency in Monroe, NY,

with an office designed for creativity and a culture developed to encourage growth and happiness. We’ve got snacks and books (can we order something you want?). We’ve got a Quiet Room and comfy couches. And we offer scheduling and vacation that’s flexible, so you can live your life and do your best.

We care about creativity, not disturbing your work-life balance. We care about trying new ideas, not focusing on mistakes. We care about supporting you.

Here are our open opportunities for in-house jobs. When can you start?

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Graphic Designer




Content Manager


Social Media Manager


Graphic Designer (Full-Time)

We’re looking for somebody with a good eye and the ability to design in different styles, flavors, and mediums. We’re a branding agency, so you’ll be designing for multiple brands and balancing different projects: websites, logos, brand books, color schemes, advertisements, and more. Come work in a space looking to support your best work.

What Do You Need?

Experience. Show us your best work. Show us versatility and style.

Knowledge. We need somebody who can work with Adobe’s Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD.

Creativity. More than skills, we look for somebody who can come up with crazy ideas and crazy-good ones, too.

Researcher (Full-Time)

We’re a branding agency, which means we work with a lot of different industries. We want somebody who can use a combination of digital and in-person research to discover target markets, create buyer personas, and analyze local business reputations across multiple industries.

What Do We Offer?

Support. Let’s get the books you need on our shelves, the snacks you want in our cabinets, and the support you need to be able to succeed and grow in your role.

Understanding. Come work in a friendly environment devoted to your success, with comfortable chairs and couches. We also have a quiet room.

Flexibility. Build a daily schedule and vacation structure that helps you work well and relax well, too. We’d prefer to have you in-house, but we’re willing to work with your job needs.

What Do We Expect?

Experience. You know how to research, in-person and online.

Enthusiasm. You’re willing to learn.

Results. Show us you’re good at what you do.

If you’re the researcher we’re looking for, please get in touch.

Content Manager (Full-Time)

We're looking for somebody with understanding. A writer-slash-manager who can hop into different voices, express things in great detail or powerful simplicity, and who doesn't like repeating themselves. This position can be in-person or remote, as long as it's done well. We need somebody who's organized and motivated. Show us amazing work that you've done for clients or else amazing work that you've done and wish somebody would take.

What We Like to See:

Boldness. You know how to make language pop.

Knowledge. You understand what works in branding.

Value. You earn your audience's attention, every single time.

Social Media Manager (Full-Time/Part-Time)

We’re a branding agency and we’re looking for an in-house social media manager with a talent for keeping a number of different accounts running. You’d be running socials for us and for our clients, so you should be able to work in different voices and styles. Our biggest markets are currently Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, so we’ll need to see your work there. And if you can convince us why and how we should be concentrating elsewhere, then you’re already on the right path.

What Should You Show Us?

Noise. We need somebody who can bring in numbers — we want to see your skill with organic growth.

Versatility. Being able to write in different voices and to find success on multiple platforms.

Organization. For all the things you need to keep track of, we need to know you’re not the type of person who lets tasks fall by the wayside.

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Graphic Designer